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Big Things Afoot

Dear Friends-

Many of our teachers and parents were up at Catamount on our Friday ski trip during the formal transfer of power that occurred in Washington D.C., strangely out of touch with that important occasion. Fathers and friends glanced at their phones to check the travels of mothers and daughters who were packed into buses and trains heading down to the capitol. The ski lodge felt strangely quiet and empty all day long, and there was a weird, distracted energy to the trip. I think we were all aware that big things were afoot elsewhere.

I feel indebted to and humbled by the women and their daughters -including so many of our own parents, alumni, students, teachers and board members- who organized, energized, and realized a beautiful, worldwide display of empowerment on Saturday. No matter your politics, it feels impossible not to feel proud and awed by the marches that occurred across our country and throughout the world. We all need reminders of what it looks like to stand up for what we believe in, to unite around a cause, and to stand arm-in-arm with our sisters and brothers filled with the knowledge that our voices will be heard and confident that we can make a difference. Thank you all.

Be well,


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