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The End of the Year

Dear Friends-

I always love the end of the year here at Randolph School. The kids are generally in a wonderful spirit, the air is filled with the freshness of springtime, and the last few weeks of school are dotted with some of my favorite activities and traditions at the school.

Work has begun on the small boats that each child will bring down to the creek this Thursday as part of the “Hunter Brook Regatta.” Each student has a chance to let their craft free down the rapids of the creek, into the arms of their schoolmates waiting downstream. It is a beautiful way to honor our partnership with the creek and its spirit, and to end our year of playing, exploring, wading, overturning, discovering, splashing, and swimming on its banks and in its waters.

Later that day we will cookout, sing songs by a fire in the amphitheater, and our older kids will camp out on the back field with a parent/guardian as part of the closing to their Adventure Day activities. The camp-out is an especially sweet time to allow adults and children a rare quiet time just to themselves, away from distraction. This year, we will be going back in time a bit, because we once again will be waking up from the camp-out, eating a yummy breakfast hosted by the Downstairs teachers, and heading to Memorial Park to shoot off the model rockets each Upstairs child has made over the course of the past month. Nothing says “the end of the year at Randolph” like the annual Upstairs Rocket Launch!!!

We have several other traditional activities heading into the final day of school, but my personal favorite is the tree planting ceremony that happens in the last week. We gather as a school to not only give our love to the students who are leaving Randolph, but to also plant a tree with each of the students who are aging out and moving on to new adventures. Their personal tree is a reminder to them that “once a Randolph kid, always a Randolph kid,” and serves as an open invitation to come back and visit us often and forever.

I hope that your spring is filled with the same atmosphere of anticipation, love, and joy that we are feeling here at Randolph. It is a wonderful time of year!!

Be well,


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