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Dear Friends-

In the top right corner of page 33 in the March/April issue of Scientific American Mind is a bright yellow box titled “What Makes a Good Preschool”. The answers are pretty straightforward. Good schools are environments in which:

  • Kids have ample time to explore, play, and be creative using a variety of materials.

  • Teachers are warm and responsive and encourage conversation and participation.

  • Kids feel safe and secure.

  • Teachers set limits about acceptable behavior but also work with students to help them label, understand, and cope with emotions.

  • Teachers read to the children regularly—not just as a class but individually and in small groups.

This might sound familiar! Randolph school is the model offered in the cover story (“Getting Preschool Right”) for the March/April issue of the magazine, which is a nine page in-depth examination of research that tells us what works best in early education. It is no mistake that our school is front and center of this discussion. After all, these are exactly the aspects of education that our founders held so dear more than fifty years ago, and this approach to children continues to be the bedrock upon which all other aspects of our pedagogy rests.

We are very proud of this article, because it affirms something that we have known deeply for a long time, and it celebrates an approach to education that we spend our days tirelessly and passionately practicing and promoting. I think all of us at Randolph School also recognize that this article is a celebration not only of the vision of our founders, but of all the teachers, administrators, trustees, parents, and supporters of the school who have given so much of their spirit, sweat, time, faith, aid, encouragement, and love to bring this vision to reality over the last 53 years.

I hope you enjoy the article. It feels like important information not only to celebrate, but to share with others. Shout it from the mountain tops!

Thank you all for your support of our work here. We couldn’t be “getting preschool right” day after day without you!!

Be well,


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