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A Firm Foundation

Hello Friends-

The foundational structure of our website cracked a few weeks ago as we gently tried to shift our web content from one platform to another. We had hints of this leading up to it, as the technology the site was built on had begun to creak and groan. We were fortunate to have an internet “doctor” wander into the office to drop off his daughter’s paperwork for summer camp just after this happened, and we have spent the last few weeks fretting over our site as he artfully guided it back to health. And so here we are, back with the weekly note after a long hiatus!!

We have been focused on the theme of “building” all year long, and it is amazing how applicable that theme has been to so many events in our lives here at the school. I never imagined, however, that we would be heeding those lessons in the administrative office as we mull over the the structural integrity of our website. Over the next year, we plan on rebuilding the site from the bottom up, with a firm eye on one of the most central tenets of all building projects: start with a firm foundation, and work your way up from there!

As always, we get a nice dose of perspective from the kids here at school. They are blissfully unaware of our digital dilemmas in the office, and have spent the last few days swimming in the creek, building rockets, releasing butterflies into the wild, watching chicks hatch in the incubator, and wowing everyone with a great Spring Show! They are building their own personal foundations of knowledge and experience, forged by hours of play, inquiry, interaction, and experimentation.

We are happy to be back online, and able to reach out to you all through our weekly note again! The school has been humming since we last touched base and we have much to share! Welcome back!

Be well,


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