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Too Cold to Snow?

Dear Friends-

Is it ever too cold to snow? That was the question on the minds of students in the Sun Nook and Forest Room this week... and for good reason! Wow, when the winter decided to wake up this year it really hit us with a whammy of a temperature drop! Nonetheless, we have been busy here collecting temperature data, sledding down the back hill (sometimes on pots and pans!), reading winter stories, boot skating on frozen puddles, and asking mind-numbing questions like… “Is it ever too cold to snow?”. What do you think?

Today's note is technically a "Saturday Note" as we spent Friday up at Catamount ski area with all of our Upstairs kids on the first of four adventures we will take there in the next month. This was my first time experiencing this Randolph tradition, and all I can say is WOW!!! What an incredible trip! All of our K-5 students started off with hour-long ski/snowboarding lessons. Some of them were on the slopes for the first time, others were simply refining their already significant skills. After a quick lunch break, we took the hill by storm! Randolph kids were carving turns, shredding, snowplowing, bombing up and down, wiping out, falling down and getting back up again. I can't tell you how many big grins I saw beaming out from beneath a set of goggles and a ski helmet. It was awesome!

It was incredible to watch our kiddos grow in confidence before our very eyes. First time skiers and snowboarders ended the day being able to navigate the learning slope, while some - like Alex, Armondo and Rubio - began tackling their first intermediate slopes. For the last run of the day, I watched Noah and Parker descend the fearsome double diamond expert trail "Catapult" with grit and determination. At the bottom, Parker told me "I was a little scared while I was up there, but now that I did it I realized it's not too bad. I can't wait to try it again next trip!!" Not a bad lesson to end the day with.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, and that you get a moment this Monday to reflect on the loving and courageous spirit embodied by Dr. Martin Luther King. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

Be well,


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