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A Tradition of Music

Dear Friends-

For the last few months Randolph students have been immersed in a steady stream of traditional American children’s music. While songs like “The Foolish Frog”, “Erie Canal”, “Abiyoyo” and “John Henry” may or may not be familiar to you, they are meant to be passed around and sung together by friends and family. They certainly are loved by your children, and I encourage you to ask them to share them with you.

While some of the songs that students are singing with Gina (like “John Henry” and “Erie Canal”) contain keen social commentary, many of these songs are just plain goofy and good fun. When Henry Clair’s dad Steve played Woody Guthrie’s “Put Your Finger in the Air” and “Jig-A-Long Home” upstairs on Wednesday, the kids were rolling on the carpet, singing with joyous delight! It’s hard to keep from smiling while singing:

Well, I went to the dance and the animals come,

Jaybird danced with horse-shoes on.

Grasshopper danced till he fell on the floor

Jig-a-long, jig-a-long, jig along home.

Thank you to all the Randolph teachers and parents who have helped keep this important musical tradition alive. It is my great hope that Randolph children will grow up loving these songs, and that they will perhaps will be teaching them to their own children one day. In the meantime, ask your kids to share these songs with you… and feel free to join in and sing along!

Be well,


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