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The Studios

Dear Friends-

Early last year, our school identified a challenge. Our Upstairs space had become too small for the number of children we taught up there. The kids were squeezing past each other in the hallways, and filling our classrooms to capacity. We also began to realize that the root cause of this problem was actually an extremely healthy trend that was developing: More children were staying at Randolph through 5th grade than ever before. Admissions have been up across the board, and more and more children are continuing from our Downstairs into our Upstairs program. Last year we had the largest number of students “age-out” and graduate from the Upstairs in recent times. This year we will have another large number of students moving into our Upstairs 5-6-7s program. We need more space!

We turned to architect and Randolph parent Chris Berg, thinking we might be able to create space in our existing building. When that idea turned out to be unfeasible, we looked into modular spaces as a possible solution. At the end of that process, Chris presented us with some sketches for a possible new cost-effective building that would wrap around the front of the amphitheater. The design was stunning, and we quickly realized that we were being presented with a whole new world of possibility for our school. We could not only create more space for students, but also develop a gorgeous new building to house our library and to hold art and music classes. Our 50 year dedication to integrating arts and academics will now be represented in the building we will call “The Studios” which will be appropriately located near the heart of our campus.

The Studios are more than a solution to a problem. We will be setting the foundation for another 50 years and beyond of excellent progressive education at Randolph School. The Studios will allow us to grow with interest in our school and build a more sustainable financial future for Randolph. We will be able to send more children out in the world who are engaged and curious, and who have an educational background rooted in social/emotional growth, creativity, collaboration, questioning, and exploration.

As with any endeavor at Randolph School, building The Studios will require effort and assistance from our community of friends. We will be reaching out to you all over the next few months as part of a major fundraising campaign. We hope to break ground on the building this June and with your help we will have students singing, drawing, and reading in The Studios at the start of the upcoming school year!!

For more information about the building (including drawings and plans), the fundraising campaign, and opportunities to give, please visit

We appreciate every ounce of help you can give as we build the foundation for our future. If we all lend a hand, we can create a more sustainable future for our school, and ensure that generations of students will continue to leave Randolph School with their minds and souls buzzing with a lifelong love of learning.

Be well,


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