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Randolph Time

Hello Friends-

The start of school after winter break is an incredibly interesting time. The internal clock of many of the children has been set to “sleep, play, relax, repeat” for the last two weeks. We watch with great interest as they slowly find their way back into the school schedule, getting used to “Randolph Time” as if we had just gone through daylight savings. Parents and teachers are not immune to this phenomenon either, and I have noticed that the coffee maker in our kitchen has been getting a workout this week!

The new year here at Randolph serves as a great time to introduce fresh ideas and energy into our daily life. The jungle habitat that was constructed in the Great Room is now turning into an arctic environment for the winter, and there has been a flurry of newfound interest in arctic foxes, caribou, penguins, and the wondrous narwhale. Some children are buzzing with ideas for fables, tales, and adventures that will go into a beautifully decorated Story Box, to be expanded and shared later with their friends. Older students have returned with an excited sense of independence as they are introduced to Work Choice Time in which they are able to start making their own guided and supported choices about how they focus their class time. Others have found themselves immersed into the gripping Civil War tale Pink and Say, and excitedly creating Podcasts to be shared with the community.

There are aspects of the return to school that involve just getting back into the routine of things, and we all find that comforting and familiar. I hope we all get a chance to explore some new ideas, energize ourselves with unfamiliar activities, and to shake things up a bit at the start of 2016. It sure feels good!

Be well,


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