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Showing Up Each Day

Dear Friends-

This morning was tough. It took a long time for me, Bea, Otis to get out of the house. Each step of getting the kids awake, clean, fed and dressed seemed to turn to distraction, conflict and stress, all of which cumulated in a giant ball of anxious cajoling and resistance as I squeezed the kids out the door and into the car. The drive to school was spent at first behind a garbage truck doing it’s route, and then stuck in a line of cars slowed by road construction. We were late, and I felt completely stressed out. By the time I got to Randolph I was sending my kids out of the side of our mini-van with a “Go, Go, Go!” usually reserved for paratroopers leaving a plane.

Truth be told, getting the day started is often hard work, especially for those involved in a school community like Randolph’s. Each teacher, parent, child, and staff member that arrives at our school has their own morning story. They each have their own struggles and challenges getting out the door. So thank you all for the simple act of showing up each day. I know it’s not always easy.

Be well,


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