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Welcome Back

Dear Friends-

Welcome back to another wonderful year of school at Randolph!! I couldn’t be happier to have the children back here. The quietness of late summer at Randolph School has it’s own charm, but it is nothing compared to the incredible wash of energy that comes when the school is brimming with smiling, playful, inquisitive kids. I have missed the invigorated interactions between children that our founders wisely referred to as the “the sound of life… the sound of growing”, and am so happy to be able to once again greet our families as they make their way up the front porch steps. It just feels great to have school started again!

This is an exciting year here at Randolph, brimming with new opportunities and challenges. Our 5,6,7s, for example, have moved from the Creek Room and Sun Nook in the main house down to the bottom floor of the Carriage House. They have named their new space the “Tree House” both in honor of the arborous views from their windows, and in recognition of our school-wide theme of “Trees” that will be informing our curriculum and activities this year. The classroom Anita and Beth have created down there is beautiful, and worth a visit if you are stopping by the school.

There is so much more to mention, as the school grounds seem to have blossomed overnight with students engrossed in investigation, observation, documentation, questioning and exploration. I am so excited to start sharing the stories of our community with you again, and cannot believe how fortunate I feel to be a part of yet another incredible year at Randolph. Welcome back to school!!

Be well,


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