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Engaged Members of Our Community

Dear Friends-

I spent a few of my hours last night in a local coffee shop at a meeting with a group of local folk who were

concerned about the alarming spread of tick-borne diseases in our community. It was my first time at this group, and as we began to talk I was immediately struck by the depth of their knowledge about these diseases, and by the passion with which they spoke about this public health issue that has become so serious in the Hudson Valley. The people at the meeting were not doctors or scientists; they were simply engaged members of our community who had taken it upon themselves to become deeply informed about a complex and murky problem facing our community that they are determined to address.

Their dedication to this task was incredibly impressive and inspiring, and I couldn’t help but think that these were the type of people I want my children to grow up to be: engaged, active, knowledgeable and caring. It seems to me that our children should all receive an education that gives them the competence, confidence and curiosity that might lead them as adults to be able to meet up with other members of their community to have informative and interactive discussions about issues and problems that need resolution.

My deepest thanks to each of you who are active members of your community, be it as an organizer, consultant, donor, or volunteer. Not only is your work invaluable, it also provides an incredible example for our children of how to be competent and caring adults. Thank you!!

;Be well, Ben

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