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Making Connections, Recharging Batteries

Dear Friends-

Vacation is often seen as a time to recharge your batteries. I’m not sure that a full recharge is possible as a parent of young kids, but I enter this spring vacation with a glimmer of hope that the adults in our community get a chance for some sort of rest and relaxation over the next week. I think we often overlook an important part of the battery metaphor, however: A battery doesn’t passively recharge itself. It requires a connection to something else in order to get its juice back.

So if rest is not on your horizon this upcoming week, I hope that you get a chance to reconnect with things that are important to you.This may mean reconnecting with friends and family who you haven’t seen or talked to in a long while. It may mean reacquainting yourself with the sounds, smells and sights of the natural world by taking a spring walk after spending the long winter cooped up inside. For some of you it may mean reconnecting with your inner artist by picking up the tools of your art form again and making them hum for you. Some of you may simply need to reconnect with yourselves, taking a moment or two to be alone with your thoughts and emotions.

Whatever your case may be, I hope each of you has an opportunity this upcoming week to make more and deeper connections with the people, things, and activities that give you energy and strength. And if you get a chance to rest while you are at it, more power to you!

Be well,


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