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Maple Fest

Dear Friends-

I want to start this week’s note with a heartfelt thank you. For the past few months, a group of dedicated Randolph parents have been spending countless hours doing the behind-the-scenes work that is required to pull off our annual Maple Fest. They don’t tend to talk about it that much, so I would like to recognize those of you who spent so much time and effort making sure this wonderful event became a reality. Your dedication and hard work enriches our community immeasurably and is an inspiration to all of us. Despite a rain delay and chilly, windy conditions, you helped make the 2015 Maple Fest was a wonderful success!!! Thank you!!

Those of you who weren’t able to join us last Sunday missed a Maple Fest chock full of activity. The pancakes were delicious as usual (Thank you doyens of the kitchen!!!), and the driveway to the Carriage House was swarming all day with laughing children and smiling adults. The wind tried it’s best to knock a few tents around, but resourceful parents came to the rescue with ever-inventive ties and anchors, and our face-painting, crafting, t-shirt printing, bake sale-ing, popcorning and pickling activities continued busily throughout the day! All day long, groups of children gathered gleefully on haybales near the fire to listen to master storytellers and musicians weave their magical webs of enchantment. Our sugarmakers worked next to them at the evaporator stoking the fire, stirring sap and giving tapping demonstrations. The product of their long hours of work sits proudly on my desk as I write this: mason jars filled with delicious, glowing amber syrup.

All in all, it was a pretty magical day, and as you know I tend to agree with with Shel Silverstein that magic rarely just happens… it is created by hard work and determination by people like our parents and volunteers. So thank you all. I can’t wait for sugaring season next year!!

Be Well,


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