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An Engaged Community

Dear Friends-

It is a tough time of year to talk about the idea of community. It is easy in these winter months for us to feel like we are in a physical and spiritual state of hibernation, waiting for the arctic cold and constant snow to fade into spring time so that we can come out and play together once again!

I am eager to note, however, that the Randolph School community has been able to rise up in activity over these last few months, and our students, teachers, and parents have been energetic participants in our school and local communities:

  • Mike and our 9/10 students completed an incredibly successful Canstruction project, which resulted in over 2,000 cans of food being donated to our local Food Bank. A special thank you to Steve Clair and Beacon Music Factory for offering their space to store cans and practice construction!!

  • Parent Margot Schulman connected us with Lauree Ostrofsky of Simply Leap, who our Upstairs kids partnered with to create Valentine’s Day cards that were delivered by Lauree to local nursing home residents. Spreading the hug!!!

  • Our all-school skating event at sunny Bear Mountain was a smash success. Young ones and their family members leaned on each other as they learned how to make their way around the rink, each in their own particular style! It was great to see our community out and enjoying themselves in this wonderful annual Randolph event.

  • Parent Tina Chan Sweenie came to school on Wednesday to teach our Downstairs kids about Chinese New Year traditions, and to create an epic dragon replete with beautiful individual scales designed and created by the kiddos.

  • Parents Sue Doyle and Nicole Crane have taken up the Monday Quesadilla project, volunteering to continue making delicious and nutritious hand-made meals for our kids to start every week!! Thank you Sue and Nicole!!!

  • Our Parent Group and Maple Fest Committee have already put in a massive amount of work developing an incredible program of events for this year’s Maple Fest on Saturday, March 14th. We are so excited to welcome our entire community to Randolph for this fantastic event!! Thank you everyone for your tireless work!

It is heartening to realize that even in the coldest, darkest days of winter, our community of friends remains as close-knit, welcoming, and vital as ever! Thanks to you all for your never-ending capacity to connect with each other, to give of yourselves, to support those in need, and share your love and kindness with each other. You are true friends indeed!

Be well,


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