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Snow Day

Dear Friends-

I received the first text at 4:45 yesterday morning. It read: “Wappingers Central School District is delaying school openings today by two hours”. This was not good news.

It meant the next few hours would be a chaotic mess of pre-dawn texts and emails between myself, Karen (who was also awake at the first notice of delay), parents and staff. It also meant we would once again be navigating a complex interaction with at least five school districts (who apparently don’t communicate with each other) to try to figure out whose buses were running and when. Most importantly, the early morning text meant that for the second time in a week, the weather was going to force us to make a decision about when or whether parents and buses would be able to bring their kids to and from Randolph that day... a problem for which there really is no perfect solution.

So, I wanted to use this space today to thank our community for their patience and understanding this past week as we dealt with two snow storms, neither of which behaved at all as predicted. I guess it is no coincidence that one of the pioneers of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz, was also a meteorologist! In any case, I hope that none of you reading this were too badly affected by the “Megastorm That Wasn’t” on Tuesday, and the “Little Storm That Could” on Friday, and that you were able to make the best of any changes the snow brought to your schedules. Here’s hoping for a full five days of school next week!

Be well,


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