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Canstruction 2015

Dear Friends-

I hope 2015 finds you well! I know that resolutions are supposed to be the focus of the new year, but this year I am trying a different approach. This January I am focusing on what I learned about myself, and about life, over the course of the last year. For example, last year I realized that I am at my best in conversations when I am listening, validating, and asking questions. I don’t always need to have an answer, opinion, or solution to problems... what a relief! How about you? What did you learn about life and about yourself last year?

Meanwhile, we are happy to be back “home” here at Randolph, despite the kind of crazy weather that greeted us today! The kids seem fresh and eager to get back into the swing of things, and we are jumping into 2015 with both feet. We are so excited for Mike and his 9/10’s, who went this week to the warehouse of the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley as part of their ongoing Canstruction project. They were in awe of the vast amount of donated food there, the hard work of the volunteers, and most of all the fact that they were able to transfer such a large amount of perishable goods so quickly to those in need. The kids also completed their Canstruction Podcast which they promptly shared with the 5/6’s, who were so inspired that they created Canstruction donation boxes for the porch so that the Randolph community can donate cans of food at drop-off and pick-up times. Boy, when things get humming with the upstairs, it really creates a sweet synergy in which kids from age 5-10 are working in concert towards a common goal! It’s fun to watch happen.

Happy 2015 everyone!!

Be well,


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