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Porch Success!

Dear Friends-

Coming back from the break this weekend, our kids were greeted by a wonderful surprise at Randolph... The New Porch!!! Over the break, our contractor Tony and his crew had worked through snow and rain, taking down the old supports and slats of the porch and completely replacing them.

While it looks wonderful, the work is clearly not finished. There is sanding and painting to be done, and plenty of trim and detail work to do. But it is almost there!!

The same can be said for our Indiegogo Porch Campaign...

We are so close to a finished project. We are thrilled by how many of you have donated, and with what we have raised so far, but… we are not yet done. The job must still be completed by this Sunday, December 7… let’s not leave this important project unfinished!!!

As I write this, we have only $969.00 left to raise. It is so close!! Please contribute whatever you can, now, and help us finish what we have started. With your help, we can do this!!

To donate now, go to Thank You!!!


In other news, the first ever “Dumpling Wednesday” was a total success! Congratulations Corbin! Thanks for making your vision a reality. Vivian from Palace Dumpling came and visited the classroom, and everyone thought the dumplings were great. Thanks to Corbin’s petition, we now have 28 people signed up for this delicious treat!

Be Well,


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